VTech VC7001 VTech Garage Door Sensor

VTech VC7001 VTech Garage Door Sensor
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VTech VC7001 Brand New, The VTech VC7001 is a garage door sensor with ULE (ultra-low-energy) technology for a sectional garage door. You can program the monitoring system to alert you on your home phone or smartphone when garage door is opened, or if you have forgotten to close it. The sensor uses a Wireless technology that installs in seconds. VC7001 Features: Garage Door Sensor, Digitally Encrypted Communications, ULE Technology, Programmable Alerts – Activity Alerts – Sensor Alerts – Remote Alerts, 2 x AAA Batteries Required, Crystal Controlled PLL Frequency Synthesizer, 1921.536-1928.448 MHz Transmit Frequency, 18&deg C to 55&deg C Operating Temperature, Compatible With DM271 & VC7151 Series of Products

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