Veins Hx&#174

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Proper blood flow and circulatory function is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall health throughout your life. Your vascular system is made up of many veins, arteries and other blood vessels that deliver blood to every cell and vital organ in the body. Veins Hx&#174 offers a powerful blend of herbs that support healthy blood flow and help you maintain the integrity, health and appearance of your veins, particularly in your legs, hands and feet.This powerful mixture of herbs, nutrients and antioxidants is formulated to target the veins, maintaining their health, strength and function so your blood can be carried smoothly to each and every cell throughout the body. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is needed for every function in your body and plays a key role in the ability to produce Collagen and elastin. They are elastic fibers necessary to keep vein and artery walls strong, flexible and prominent.† Citrus Bioflavonoids are antioxidant-rich plant compound that have been studied in strengthening and protecting blood vessel walls and promoting healthy circulation.† Horse Chestnut Seed is a herb that has been clinically studied in promoting healthy blood flow throughout the entire body, especially for water retention.† Why Take InVite&#174s Veins Hx&#174? Non-GMO Dietary Supplement Made following cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further – great health starts right here at InVite&#174 Health. To ask a question or to purchase your veins supplement, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

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