Remington WPG4020 Womens Detail Trimmer

Remington WPG4020 Womens Detail Trimmer
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Remington WPG4020 Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The Remington WPG4020 Smooth & Silky pen trimmer is women’s dual blade trimmer that helps you trim close and precise for perfect detailing. It has adjustable length guide to help shape the bikini area while the hypoallergenic foil shaver and exfoliator will keep skin smooth and irritation free. It includes Integrated hang hook and beauty bag for added convenience. WPG4020 Features: Precision Detail Trimmer, Bikini Trimmer For Quick Touch Ups & Shaping Bikini Line, Angled Foil Shaver For Clean, Smooth Shave, Exfoliator To Prevent In-grown Hairs & Razor Burn, Adjustable Guide w/ 4 Length Settings, Built In Shower Hook, Beauty Bag, Battery Operated

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