Remington SP4-2 Shaver Saver

Remington SP4-2 Shaver Saver
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Remington SP4 (2 Pack), The Remington SP4-2 shaver saver is an aerosol lube which can be used with all models of electric shavers regardless of the brand. With regular use, the Remington SP4-2 can help your shaver maintain its peak performance and prevent premature wear or a lesser shave. SP4-2 Features: For All Shavers & All Groomers, Compatible With The Following Models: DA307 DA307NE DS145 EP4000 EP5000SS F3790 F4790 F5790 F710 F720 FF400 M8221 MS32700 MS34700 MS900 MSC140 R1000 R225 R3130 R4130 R450 R5130NB R650 R7130NB R825 R91 R9170 R9200 R9290 RTFS2CDN SF3 WDF1250 WDF-1250 WDF1500 WDF1600 WDF1600SSCDN WDF5500 WDF7000 WSF100Orange XT100

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