PetSafe PPD00-16168 Replacement can

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Ssscat&reg Motion-Activated Repellent Deterrent Brand New, The Petsafe Ssscat Spray Deterrent is a Spray Motion-Activated Repellant Cat Control System is is a positive way to controlling your cat’s territory and behavioral problems. It has got two elements: a motion detector and an aerosol can . It Leaves no residue Requires no training 100 safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It will detect the cat’s motion and it will release a sound, then a spray. Once this is repeated a few times, the sound will be enough to keep the cat away from unwanted areas. PPD00-16168 Features: Motion-Activated Repellent Deterrent, Detects Cats Up To 3 Feet Away, Works on all Pets within Range, Adjustable Spray Nozzle, Scentless, Harmless, Stainless, Refill Holds approximately 80-100 Sprays

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