Panasonic H-H014 14mm F2.5 ASPH Lens

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Panasonic H-H014, The Panasonic H-H014 is the world’s lightest interchangeable lens that features a 14mm (35mm camera equivalent: 28mm) with wideangle F2.5 bright, sharp, and high contrast image rendering which offers excellent performance in shooting not only landscapes but also snapshot or indoor shooting with minimum distortion. The H-H014 features High Speed Contrast AF with the integration of stepping motor and inner focus drive system. It comprises of six lenses in five groups including three aspherical lenses which achieve an overall length of 20.5mm and high optical performance. The highly reliable metal mount assures durability for active use. H-H014 Features: Lumix 14mm / F2.5 Lens, Micro Four Thirds Mount, World’s Lightest Interchangeable Lens, 35mm Camera Equivalent: 28mm, 14mm Focal Length / F2.5 Aperture Range, Contrast AF System, Multi-coated Lens Elements, Additional Features: Lens Construction: 6 Elements in 5 Groups (3 Aspherical Lenses), Optical Image Stabilizer: No, Focal Length: f=14mm (35mm Camera Equivalent 28mm), Aperture Type: 7 Diaphragm Blades / Circular Aperture Diaphragm, Aperture: F2.5, Minimum Aperture: F22, Closest Focusing Distance: 0.18m / 0.59ft, Maximum Magnification: Approx. 0.10x / 0.20x (35mm Camera Equivalent), General Features: Diagonal Angle of View: 75&deg, Filter Size: 46mm / 1.81 in, Max. Diameter: 55.5mm / 2.19in, Overall Length (inches): Approx. 20.5mm (From the Tip of the Lens to the Base Side of the Lens Mount) / 0.81in, Recommended Humidity: 40 RH to 60 RH, Weight: Approx. 55g / 1.94oz, Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.2187” x 4.406” x 4.03”, Further Specifications: Standard Accessories: Lens Cap, Lens Rear Cap, Lens Storage Bag, For Panasonic Models DMC-G10K DMC-G1A DMC-G1K DMC-G1R DMC-G2A DMC-G2K DMC-G2R DMC-G3KBODY DMC-G3KK DMC-G3KR DMC-G3KT DMC-G3KW DMC-GF1C-K DMC-GF1K-K DMC-GF2CK DMC-GF2CR DMC-GF2CS DMC-GF2CW DMC-GF2KK DMC-GF2KR DMC-GF2KS DMC-GF2KW DMC-GF3CK DMC-GF3CR DMC-GF3CT DMC-GF3CW DMC-GF3KBODY DMC-GF3KK DMC-GF3KR DMC-GF3KT DMC-GF3KW DMC-GF3XK DMC-GF3XR DMC-GF3XT DMC-GF3XW DMC-GF5KK DMC-GF5KR DMC-GF5KW DMC-GF5XK DMC-GF5XR DMC-GF5XW DMC-GH1K DMC-GH1K-Body-Only DMC-GH2HK DMC-GH2K-BODY-ONLY DMC-GH2KK DMC-GH2KS DMC-GH2S-BODY-ONLY DMC-GX1KBODY DMC-GX1KK DMC-GX1KS DMC-GX1SBODY DMC-GX1XK DMC-GX1XS DMW-LPL46

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