Panasonic DMW-LND55 ND Filter

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Panasonic DMW-LND55, The Panasonic DMW-LND55 ND Filter for Panasonic digital cameras, offers an exposure reduction of about 3 stops. The filter creates a darkening of the entire image with 0.9 density, allowing to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. Slow exposure time or increased aperture allows to control depth of field and convey movement more easily. Neutral density filters can be paired with other filters and do not affect coloration of the image. DMW-LND55 ND Filter Features: 55mm ND Filter, Exposure Reduction of 3 Stops, Allows to Photograph w/ Wider Aperture or Slower Shutter Speed, Increases Exposure Length, Greater Control Over Exposures, Does Not Affect Coloration of Image, Can Be Paired w/ Other Filters, Requires DMW-LA2 To Attach, For Panasonic Models DMC-FZ3 DMC-FZ30K DMC-FZ30S DMC-FZ4S DMC-FZ5K DMC-FZ5S DMC-G10K DMC-G2K DMC-G2R DMC-G3KBODY DMC-G3KK DMC-G3KR DMC-G3KT DMC-G3KW DMC-GF2CK DMC-GF2CR DMC-GF2CS DMC-GF2CW DMC-GF2KK DMC-GF2KR DMC-GF2KS DMC-GF2KW DMC-GF3CK DMC-GF3CR DMC-GF3CT DMC-GF3CW DMC-GF3KBODY DMC-GF3KK DMC-GF3KR DMC-GF3KT DMC-GF3KW DMC-GF3XK DMC-GF3XR DMC-GF3XT DMC-GF3XW DMC-GH2HK DMC-GH2K-BODY-ONLY DMC-GH2KK DMC-GH2KS DMC-GH2S-BODY-ONLY

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