Panasonic DMW-FL500 External Flash

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Panasonic DMW-FL500, Mounting the Panasonic DMW-FL500 TTL external flash unit onto the L1 hotshoe gives you precise TTL light control of the high-powered flash, and lets you use the versatile functions of the flash. Linked with the L1’s light-metering functions, the DMW-FL500 uses a TTL light adjustment system to measure the light that actually strikes the Live MOS sensor, then adjusts the flash intensity accordingly. The result is flash photos with outstanding exposure. The FL500 has a guide number of 50 (ISO 100/m). The angle zoom function covers a lens range of 24-85mm (35mm camera equivalent). Using the built-in wide panel further extends coverage to a view angle of 18mm. The firing angle can also be automatically changed to create a bounce lighting effect. DMW-FL500 Features: External Flash, TTL Metering, FP Emission Capable, Medium Light Intensity, The Angle Zoom Function Covers A Lens Range Of 24-85mm, The Built-in Wide Panel Further Extends Coverage To 18mm, For Panasonic Models DMC-FZ100K DMC-FZ10K DMC-FZ10S DMC-FZ150K DMC-FZ20K DMC-FZ20S DMC-FZ20SB DMC-FZ30K DMC-FZ30S DMC-G10K DMC-G1A DMC-G1K DMC-G1R DMC-G2A DMC-G2K DMC-G2R DMC-G3KBODY DMC-G3KK DMC-G3KR DMC-G3KT DMC-G3KW DMC-GF1C-K DMC-GF1K-K DMC-GF2CK DMC-GF2CR DMC-GF2CS DMC-GF2CW DMC-GF2KK DMC-GF2KR DMC-GF2KS DMC-GF2KW DMC-GH1K DMC-GH1K-Body-Only DMC-GH2HK DMC-GH2K-BODY-ONLY DMC-GH2KK DMC-GH2KS DMC-GH2S-BODY-ONLY DMC-GX1KBODY DMC-GX1KK DMC-GX1KS DMC-GX1SBODY DMC-GX1XK DMC-GX1XS DMC-L10K DMC-LC1 DMC-LC5K DMC-LC5S DMC-LX3K DMC-LX3S DMC-LX5K DMC-LX5W DMC-TS2A DMC-TS2D DMC-TS2S DMC-TS2Y DMC-ZS7A DMC-ZS7K DMC-ZS7R DMC-ZS7S DMW-FZ150K

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