NEC ST-322 Tabletop stand

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NEC ST-322 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The NEC ST-322 is a tabletop stand that makes any display easily adaptable for surface viewing. ST-322 Features: Tabletop Stand, Easily Adapts the Displays, Compatible With The Following Models: P403 P403-DRD P463 P463-AVT P463-DRD P463-PC V322 V322-AVT V322-PC V322-PC-CRE V323 V323-2 V323-2-AVT V323-2-DRD V323-2-PC V323-AVT V323-DRD V323-PC V423 V423-AVT V423-DRD V423-PC V423-PC-CRE V423-TM V463 V463-AVT V463-DRD V463-PC V463-PC-CRE X401S X401S-AVT X464UN X464UN-2 X464UNS X464UNV X464UNV-2

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