KISS Lift Up Complete Bleach Kit


$ $5.99 USD

KISS Lift Up Complete Bleach Kit
KISS Lift Up Complete Bleach Kit
$ $5.99 USD
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Everything you need to lighten your hair! Safe and easy to use, New Lift Up Complete Bleach Kit is a maximum strength bleaching kit that lightens even dark or resistant hair. Designed to form a protective shield that prevents hair breakage and damage! Our all-in-one at-home kit includes all the products and tools you need to lighten.

Complete bleach kit includes: 

  • Powder Lightener (35g/1.23 oz.)¬†
  • Cr√®me Developer(105 mL/3.55 US fl. oz.)¬†
  • Brush¬†
  • Plastic Gloves¬†

Product benefits:

  • Maximum lifting results¬†
  • Gentle to hair¬†
  • Non-drip formula¬†
  • Easy to use¬†
  • Conditioning agents for hair & scalp¬†

Tray How many boxes do I need? (approximate) 

  • For Root Touch Up or Short Cut: 1 box¬†
  • Ear Length: 2 boxes¬†
  • Shoulder Length: 3 boxes¬†
  • Medium Length and Beyond: 4+ boxes
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