Custom 6 Line Trodat Professional Name and Address Stamp

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Why write your address over and over, when you can simply stamp it with a Trodat Professional Name and Address Stamp. Our Custom 5 Line Trodat Professional Name and Address Stamp has a generous text plate size of 1-1/8" x 2" and allows you to create up to 6 lines of customized text. Our custom stamper has enough room for a standard 3 line name and address, plus 2 extra lines for things like email, website or phone number. Use our stamp creator to make your perfect custom address stamp! The new Trodat Professional 5203 4.0 self-inking stamp is perfect for everyday use at home, or in your busy office environment, thanks to its new brushed stainless steel finish and high quality plastic build. An elegantly designed, self-inking rubber stamp with an integral replaceable ink pad that can be personalized with your own design. The Professional offers the greatest user comfort, as it fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle. This robust, reliable custom rubber stamp is one of Trodat’s bestellers, and is climate-neutral with a high content of recycled plastic. Low on ink or want to have extra pads handy? Replacement ink pad 6/53 is available in 5 standard colors: black, blue, red, green or violet.

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