Custom 5 Line Imprint 13 Name and Address Stamp

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Why write your name and address when you can stamp it! The Custom 5 Line Imprint 13 Name and Address Stamp gives you 3 lines for a standard address, plus 2 ADDITIONAL lines to add your email, phone number, website, or any other important information. Your custom address will be placed on the Imprint 13 stamp mount. The Imprint brand is recognized around the world for its functional design, and durability. The housing is simple and timeless and fits perfectly in any environment. The Imprint 13 Name and Address Stamp features a compact, but generous, 7/8 x 2-1/4" text plate allowing you to create up to 5 lines of custom text. uses the lastest manufacturing technology which ensures the highest quality impression possible. For our customers it means their information prints crystal clear every time they use their Imprint stamp. The replacement ink cartridge 6/4913 is available in black, blue, red, green or violet. Replacement pads are supplied in packs of three, and you can order yours today on

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