Brandmotion Radar Blind Spot System with Cross-Traffic Detection – RDBS-1500

Brandmotion Radar Blind Spot System with Cross-Traffic Detection – RDBS-1500

$613.68 USD

4 Wheel Drive Hardware
Brandmotion Radar Blind Spot System with Cross-Traffic Detection – RDBS-1500
Brandmotion Radar Blind Spot System with Cross-Traffic Detection – RDBS-1500
$613.68 USD
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Compatible with all vehicle makes and models 2007 and newer;See below for more fitment and compatability notes;Integrates seamlessly into your vehicle;Factory-form system integration mirrors OEM designs;Foam wrapped interior connections eliminate noise or rattling;Adjustable brightness HMI indicators integrate cleanly into trim panels, no exposed wires;Audible and visual alarms alert driver when vehicle is in blind spot or turn signal activated;15 foot harness length;Intelligent system utilizes can-bus speed signal turning blind spot monitoring at speeds over 15 mph;Smart system processing only looks 1 lane over minimizing false triggers;Industry leading 40 foot detection range;Intelligent system ignores stationary objects minimizing false triggers;Precise sensors can detect changes in speed up to 15 mph different than your speed;High accuracy sensors can detect objects as small as motorcycles up to as large as semi-trucks;Cross traffic functionality makes backing out of a parking spot worry-free;Cross traffic functionality immediately activates in reverse;California Residents: WARNING This is the one retrofit Radar Blind Spot monitoring and detection system that works like an original equipment-based system. Based on components validated by Toyota, it works closer to the systems found on new vehicles than any other system available. Newly updated and improved from our original system, Brandmotion’s radar-based system works with any vehicle with plastic fascias (all bumpers except metal pickup truck bumpers) and offers the only system based on automaker-validated original equipment components, resulting in true OEM-like fit, finish, and performance. Brandmotion offers the first aftermarket solution to include cross-traffic detection as well as the first system to eliminate 95% of false triggers common in other systems. The system uses CAN data to accurately obtain vehicle speed and is compatible with all vehicle makes and models 2007 and newer. Includes all necessary mounting hardware including under rear fascia sensor mounting brackets.

Notes: This Radar Blind Spot System is an OEM-grade universal solution that is compatible with 2007 model year and newer vehicles which have CAN-BUS speed signal. This kit cannot be modified to work on vehicles older than 2007. This product will only function on vehicles with a soft rear fascia. This product cannot function through metal bumpers.

Cars/Small SUVs 2007+ or newer
Soft rear fascia (will not work through metal bumpers)
OBDII Pins 6 and 14 must be occupied

Cannot function through metal bumpers
Cannot function on vehicles that do not have CAN-BUS speed signals (2006 and previous)
Any vehicle where the CAN-BUS speed signal is interrupted (Auto start-stop)

Known Issue Vehicles
BMW vehicles equipped with auto start-stop
Mercedes vehicles equipped with auto start-stop
Subaru vehicles equipped with starLink
No current support for fully electric vehicles
No current support for exotic vehicles

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